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Ein nerth a’n cadarn dŵr yw Duw

Ein nerth a’n cadarn dŵr yw Duw,
ein tarian a’n harfogaeth;
o ing a thrallod o bob rhyw
rhydd gyflawn waredigaeth.
Archelyn dyn a Duw
llawn o gynddaredd yw,
ei lid a’i ddichell gref
yw ei arfogaeth ef;
digymar yw’r anturiaeth.

Ni ellir dim o allu dyn:
mewn siomiant blin mae’n diffodd;
ond drosom ni mae’r addas Un,
a Duw ei hun a’i trefnodd.
“Pwy yw?” medd calon drist:
ein Ceidwad Iesu Grist,
Tywysog lluoedd nef,
ac nid oes Duw ond ef;
y maes erioed ni chollodd.

MARTIN LUTHER (A safe stronghold our God is still), 1483-1546 cyf. LEWIS EDWARDS, 1809-87

(Caneuon Ffydd 121)


Geiriau Saesneg
A safe stronghold our God is still,
a trusty shield and weapon;
he’ll keep us clear from all the ill
that hath us now o’ertaken.
The ancient prince of hell
hath risen with purpose fell;
strong mail of craft and power
he weareth in this hour;
on earth is not his fellow.

With force of arms we nothing can,
full soon were we down-ridden;
but for us fights the proper Man
whom God himself hath bidden.
Ask ye who is this same?
Christ Jesus is his name,
the Lord Sabaoth’s Son;
he, and no other one,
shall conquer in the battle.

And were this world all devils o’er,
and watching to devour us,
we lay it not to heart so sore;
they cannot overpower us.
And let the prince of ill
look grim as e’er he will,
he harms us not a whit;
for why? his doom is writ;
a word shall quickly slay him.

God’s word, for all their craft and force,
one moment will not linger,
but, spite of hell, shall have its course;
’tis written by his finger.
And though they take our life,
goods, honour, children, wife,
yet is their profit small;
these things shall vanish all:
the city of God remaineth.